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Olive Oil – Prescription for Good Health

Not only is olive oil a delicious staple of the Mediterranean diet, but it’s also full of amazing health benefits and can be enjoyed every day as part of a healthy and balanced diet when used in moderation.

At Yummys Choice, we pack all of our perishable products, including hummus, baba ghanoush and tapenades, in olive oil so we can ship them all over the United States and avoid having to use any unnatural preservatives. Not only does it taste better, it helps our customers stay healthy.

While fats and oils are an essential part of a balanced diet, they are definitely not all created equally. Many will do more harm than good to the body if consumed on a regular basis. Olive oil is a smart choice as it not only provides the body with fat it needs, it is also easy to digest and can quickly be absorbed.

According to the site medical studies have shown that people living in Mediterranean countries and specifically Greece, where olive oil consumption is high, suffer fewer cardiovascular problems. The unsaturated fats that are found in olive oil are not only cholesterol free but also work to reduce cholesterol levels. They actually protect the body against bad cholesterol. In addition, olive oil can stimulate bone growth and calcium absorption. Some of the other benefits of olive oil include: reducing blood pressure, minimizing cancer growth, lessening asthma and arthritis symptoms, and helping the body maintain a lower weight. Of course, olive oil should be enjoyed in moderation, not by the cupful. But at least now there’s no reason to feel guilty after drizzling it on a salad, tossing it in pasta, or dipping a piece of bread into it.

Olive oil is so beneficial to daily health that it not only helps the body internally but also helps it  externally, when applied to the skin, through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a staple in the Mediterranean diet, according to, used to provide antioxidants to disarm free radicals and reduce inflammation, a major cause of wrinkling and sagging skin. No one wants that! Olive oil is also a great natural moisturizer to use for silky hair, softer skin and even smoother lips. There is definitely a reason people who live in the Mediterranean have such a healthy glow!

A bottle of olive oil should be a staple in your kitchen, and possibly your medicine cabinet too!

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