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Sliders with Character

Sliders with Character

The artisan burger is most definitely a trend of the moment.  Local and national chains have made it ok for those of us at home to experiment at our family grill-outs and pre-game tail gating to stray from the norm without turning up their noses.

So next time you’re cooking out with your foodie friends, give them something with a fresh Mediterranean flair.  Incorporate fresh herbs and cheeses that are derived from the region.  We’ve got a recipe for some Mediterranean sliders that we think you’ll love.  Tangy, spicy, creamy and fresh, these hand-held three-bite burgers go great with a cold beer and great conversation.  I promise.

Start with the freshest ground beef you can find.  I recommend 90/10 or leaner, because your extra virgin olive oil is going to moisten the meat.  It’s a healthier alternative anyway.  Season it to taste with salt and pepper, and then get ready for the Mediterranean fun.  Add a half container (4 ounces) of Yummy’s Choice® Shatta for every pound of ground meat you plan to serve, and get your hands dirty mixing everything thoroughly.  If you’re able to do it in advance, cover and refrigerate it overnight. That will allow all of the delicious jalapeno and EVOO to penetrate the meat.  Form hockey puck sized patties and grill them just the way you love your burgers.  Then let the garnishing begin.

I love to use carmelized onions with this recipe.  Start with two medium sized white onions, and thinly slice them, using a mandolin slicer if you have one.  Heat a skillet and add enough olive oil to coat the pan.  Sautee your onions until they start becoming soft and golden but still translucent.  Then add a half a cup of white balsamic vinegar and half a cup of white wine.  I like pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc.  Continue to sautee until the liquid in your pan has reduced to almost nothing, and set your onions aside to cool.

You’re going to want to start with a dinner roll-sized bun to build your sliders.  Rather than using boring old lettuce, pile on a few leaves of fresh basil and hold them in place with a fresh slice of tomato.  Layer on your onions and then top it with a slider patty.  Let it come to room temp and add a generous layer of Yummy’s Choice Chive Lebaneh onto your top bun and stack up your slider.

These magical little mini-burgers have a perfect balance of fresh Mediterranean flavors.  You can also try this recipe using Sweet Shatta or Olive Mazza instead of the regular Shatta or make all three and put three on a plate.  You can also try topping the little guys with the other flavors of Lebaneh, and if you want an extra layer of cool tangy flavor, add a little Taziki Sauce to you slider.  Mmmmm….

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