Our Story

Our Story

Chef Kamal

Chef Kamal grew up in what is called “Hummus Alley”, in the town of Tulkarm, on the West Bank of Palestine. As a boy it was his job to wait in line every morning at the specialists, the hummus and falafel makers, handing over an empty plate to be loaded up, and carrying the made-fresh food home for the family’s morning meal before school and work. The women in his family usually did the cooking, but for these two items, hummus and falafel, usually eaten with pita bread at almost every meal, a specialist was  required, and the town was rich with them.

Chef Kamal provides samples to new and future customers.

Waiting in line, Kamal learned the way to make especially creamy hummus, and crunchy falafel without fillers. His mother and aunt taught him even more about herbs and spices, shatta and lebaneh and, today, Chef Kamal’s Mediterranean Made Easy™ line of Yummy’s Choice® 30+ products are sold throughout the six-state area of Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, and Utah in Whole Foods Markets, Hen House Markets, Natural Grocers, HyVee Stores and others.




Yummy’s Choice

The Yummys Choice brand represents authentic Mediterranean food made with natural ingredients and never any preservatives or additives.  You can be sure that the products we make and sell are the same ones we eat every day at our own kitchen table.

We mix and match hummus with falafel and tapenades and pita bread and chips to make a completely delightful and new combination every day.  Olive Mazza? No, I’ll have Sweet Shatta on my pita pizza.  Falafel today, pita chips tomorrow.  Drizzle the Shatta on your hummus.  Add Feta Blocks or Lebaneh to your sandwich, or salad. We mix it up all the time.

It’s possible for you to do the same thing.  Choose a different Mediterranean food gift kit every week!  Or order one of the mixed cases and have a new combo every day.

You can build your order one item at a time and customize your feast to your own taste. But, we’ve also organized our products into gourmet kits that you can assemble for an intimate picnic for two or a party for 25 or even more.  And we can show you how to become your own master at Mediterranean food to share with your family or friends.  Our The Yummy Life™ food blog has loads of ideas on entertaining, travel, diet, health and nutrition.

Or send a kit to your favorite clients or suppliers.  Gourmet Food Kits are especially welcome and Yummys Choice all-natural products make you look like a hero. We make it easy to make the gift of good food something they’ll remember. And everyone likes getting something good to eat!


We’ve Gone Solar!

Well, we did it. We built a solar power station on the roof at Yummy’s Kitchen and now our products are made with power from the sun. Our 22.2 kWh solar station keeps over 20 tons of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere annually.